Proactive DLP with built-in discovery and classification

Eliminate Data Breaches.

SecureCircle eliminates data breaches and mitigates insider threats. Data remains persistently protected without impacting applications, workflows, or end user experience.

The Rise Of DASB,
Sunset Your DLP

DLP is the old paradigm. DASB is the NEW NEW. DASB allows all data to be protected transparently, without impacting workflows or applications.

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Eliminate Source
Code Theft

DASB was enabled for a publicly traded cybersecurity company to eliminate source code loss and theft.

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Protection that follows your data no matter where it is created, consumed, stored, or modified.


Control that is never compromised while enabling access.


Tracking of every action that happens to data; everything is an auditable event.

What Is A Data Access Security Broker?

A new approach to protect data is required for organizations to control their data and map to modern compliance requirements. Learn more about the concepts and benefits in our Technical Brief.

DASB Technical Brief



Historically, data was considered protected while it was held within the perimeter of a firewall.



With the Cloud, SaaS, & BYOD, your data has escaped the perimeter, leaving sensitive data vulnerable.



Your data is the 1st line of defense, no matter where it is created, consumed, stored or modified. Enable access without giving up control.

Transparently Control Access

SecureCircle moves access control policies from the storage system of the data to the data itself. From device or file-centric to data-centric.