A better solution than web bugs for internal visibility

Web bugs (or web beacons) are tools used by advertisers to send unique information back to an external server. Web bugs are typically a transparent single pixel image that has a unique URL. Most commonly applied to email marketing, so advertisers know which users have opened the email. Email clients typically download images automatically, and without the user’s knowledge or consent, the advertiser knows what you read, where, device, IP address, browser versions, and much more.

Organizations use web bugs to measure employee engagement. How many employees are viewing corporate newsletters or HR benefit enrollment instruction documents?

Web bug tracking provides minimum value. The hard-coded tracker embeds into the file, so is no way to segregate analytic data if a user forwards the data to another user. Both users’ activity will appear as one user.

Using SecureCircle to monitor file access is much more robust than web bugs. It works with any file type (even files without the ability to embed images), and won’t be blocked by a browser or operating system privacy settings.

SecureCircle’s data visibility can provide insights into how data flows within the organization.

  • Sensitive financial data – get a detailed report on all users and devices that have opened a file
  • Intellectual Property – get reports detailing all users and devices that have opened files about the latest project, such as the most recent iPhone
  • Segregating customer data – by internal policy teams working for competitive customers like Coke and Pepsi should never share information, but that does happen.
  • Files are living documents – a document is sent out for review. SecureCircle can display all the metrics for derivatives of the original data including rename, Save-As, or copy-paste content into a new file.
  • Managers only – HR will often send data to managers with instructions for the next pay raise cycle or maybe how to message recent company news to employees. How many non-managers are opening the file?
  • Compliance – provide detailed reports to auditors for SOX and other compliance requirements

In addition to complete visibility of data access, SecureCircle you can ensure authorized users only access both internal data as well as external customer data. SecureCircle is the world’s first opt data reporting and protection solution that tracks content & prevents breaches and data loss.

SecureCircle ensures the security, visibility, and control of data.