Compromised Account

A member of hacking group Crackas With Attitude (CWA) told Motherboard at the time that breaking into the account was “not hard at all” and that “a five-year-old could do it.”

Strong passwords, 2-factor authentication, unique passwords, and common sense to stay away from phishing scams can protect users from losing control of their accounts.  But what happens when your accounts such as your email account are compromised.

In recent news, the CWA hacking group lead by a teenager, stole US government classified information after gaining access to high-level CIA directors.  The headlines highlight the classified information, but this could be your personal finance information, your latest blood test records, or the next great novel that you have been writing in your spare time.

All of these documents can be secured safely so that even if a malicious hacker got the files, the files would not be readable.  The documents could also be protected from yourself.  68% of business users have sent a sensitive work file to the wrong person.

Unstructured Data Management is the management and security of files.

SecureCircle is the leading unstructured data protection solution because the solution is entirely transparent to end-users.  End users are not asked what type of documents to protect.  End users use the same applications they use today on any file, any file type, any file size, on any device, with data stored in any location.

Built for the cloud-first world we live in, SecureCircle adopts a zero-trust paradigm which assumes all data should be protected at all times by default.  Patent-pending Transparent File Encryption protects files at rest, in transit, and in use.

Files protected with SecureCircle can be transported by any means.  Since the file is always protected, the file contents will only be accessible by authorized users and devices.  Just because a hacker gets a copy of the file, the file itself is encrypted.  A brute force attack on the encryption would take 1 billion billion years with a supercomputer.  The contents of your files are protected with SecureCircle.