Age old discussion: Convenience versus Security

The ongoing struggle between convenience versus security

The struggle between convenience and security is as simple to understand as a door and door with a key lock. The door without a lock is more convenient allowing users can come and go quickly. The lock adds a level of security ensuring only users with a key can enter. The struggle lies in deciding if the increased time to unlock the door is worth the protection the door provides. What is the lock protecting? If the door is already in a secured area, do you need an additional level of security?

The same story exists with cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity ensures data is protected from hackers and competitors while also assuring compliance with privacy and corporate regulations. What are the roadblocks to implementing security? A recent security survey summarized, 41% of executives and workers believe security slows the system, 33% feel it is too expensive, 36% say there are too many updates, and 20% think security requires too many staff.

Organizations are allowing users to access applications and data from anywhere to improve productivity. Ease of access will enable employees to work hours when they are not physically in the office. Over 80% of IT decision makers reported seeing Wi-Fi related security incidents in the last 12 months after employees connected their devices to unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspots.

Sailpoint’s Market Pulse Survey found: 7 in 10 organizations embrace BYOD, but only 49% have formal policies for BYOD and data.

But in today’s world of #DeleteFacebook and GDPR compliance requirements, security & privacy is becoming a business requirement. Security policies and solutions need to be updated to meet the new world needs.

Sailpoint also found 6 in 10 survey respondents are concerned about managing and protecting the sensitive organizational data that lives in unstructured data files, but 71% believe they are not equipped to protect it adequately.

With SecureCircle, end users don’t have to compromise between convenience and security. SecureCircle’s patent-pending Transparent File Encryption solution is invisible to authorized end users.

Authorized users access files with the same application, files never change extension or file name, and there are no limits to file type or size.

Administrators manage access control using the same Active Directory or LDAP-based solution in place already for centralized data. SecureCircle allows the access control to follow the file regardless of where the file is stored including email, public cloud, and messaging apps.

Auditors have real-time access to detailed log information including geo-location, IP address, success/failure, time stamps, and much more.

SecureCircle’s Similarity Detection Engine will automatically protect derivative work including SaveAs and Copy-n-Paste. Content copied from a spreadsheet and pasted into a presentation is automatically protected with the same access control as the original content.

SecureCircle is only unstructured data protection solution which doesn’t compromise productivity. SecureCircle is your automated intelligent door lock which never requires users to take a key out of their pocket.


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