Avoid The High Cost Of Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Security budgets are always smaller than needed, and there is even more pressure on IT and security teams to stretch their budgets in today’s new work environment. SecureCircle helps companies get the maximum return for the budget.

Time to value:

SecureCircle measures successful implementation in days and weeks. Our customers have complained that DLP and Information Rights Management (IRM) solutions have taken quarters to years to implement, if at all.

SecureCircle’s opt-out approach protects data by default. There is no discover and classify steps, tools, or stages to prepare before deploying a DLP solution. SecureCircle integrates with classification tools, but it is not a requirement. SecureCircle reduces implementation and training time compared to alternative solutions.

Actual license cost:

SecureCircle has a simple subscription model and options for different support levels. License and support costs are low because the solution is transparent to other applications. There is no application-level integration required even for custom in-house applications.

Manage SecureCircle policies by exception when users want to remove protection. Exception management is effortless to operate and aligns with the business process. For example, a customer account manager removes protection from the data before sending it to a customer. In this case, the authorized account manager needs to remove data from protection to perform their job. The exception aligns with the business need to share the information with external parties and creates an auditable event reported for compliance and security.

Traditional DLP manages by rule. Admins create rules for every decision point. As companies add or change applications within the IT environment, IT or security must create new rules on how the new application handles the various document classifications. These rules must be maintained, and organizations end up with hundreds or thousands of rules to manage.

Replace and consolidate multiple tools:

In many cases, SecureCircle replaces various products such as disk encryption, file encryption, IRM, DLP, and even Virtual Desktop (VDI). VDI is often used to isolate sensitive data such as design files or software source code. With SecureCircle’s protect by default and persistent protection, companies can remove VDI and allow employees to work in native OS environments. SecureCircle not only saves IT costs but also improves productivity.  Read our use case regarding source code protection.

Learn more about SecureCircle to protect your data without the costs and operational overhead of DLP.

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