Cisco Systems - Target of Malicious Insiders

Cisco Systems sued former senior employees for stealing thousands of files containing confidential information. The accused formeremployees downloaded thousands of internal documents containing trade secrets,including information about Cisco’s 5G technology, design specifications for avideo conferencing prototype, photographed confidential documents with aniPhone, and downloaded internal forecasting spreadsheets per the Ciscocomplaint.

The suit only mentions an unidentified company that competes“in the IP telephony, headset, video, and collaboration space.” The LinkedInprofiles of the accused all show currently being employed by San Jose-basedPoly, a developer of video, voice, and content collaboration and communicationtechnology.

A Deloitte Insider Threats report shows that 59% ofemployees voluntarily or involuntarily take confidential data with them whenthey leave a company. Members of Sales and Product teams are at higher risk.Those groups have a sense of ownership around the IP and data that was created.

A malicious insider is just one of the threats to internal data that should not leave an organization. Protecting data that should never leave an organization can be solved with a single solution.  The solution should prevent external threats, malicious insiders, accidental insiders, lost or stolen devices, ransomware extortion to keep your data from being published publicly and shadow IT.

SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker (DASB) eliminatesinsider threats by delivering data-centric access control. Data remainspersistently protected without impacting applications, workflow, or end-userexperience.

Grant data access to users, applications, and processes fromcloud or local without requiring changes to processes or workflows. DASBenables access to data transparently for any endpoint, protects any file typeor size, and allows easy administration for access control policies.

With SecureCircle’s DASB, organizations can eliminateinsider threats such as malicious insiders.