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Conditional Data Access for Endpoints

Many people think about using Conditional access for SaaS applications or access to specific data sources. However, once that data is accessed, how do you continuously enforce conditional access "to the data" on an endpoint? When your data is kept in a SaaS service, it is generally kept secure by the provider. Once your data leaves the service, that is when your responsibility comes into play with protecting your data. SecureCircle provides a Zero Trust Data Protection solution to ensure that your data is protected with conditional data access for endpoints.

Zero Trust implies that you have absolute control over your data and allows you to have the ability to change your access control at any given point in time. Conditional data access is all about allowing access to users without giving up any control, maintaining control, and adapting based upon telemetry. For instance, if a former employee had access to the organization’s data, you can sort of go back in time to revoke access as long as you did not give up control. When access to data is disabled, the data is no longer accessible to the user, group, or device, regardless of where the data resides. Attempts to access the data on a device that had access revoked will be denied, and these attempts will be logged. 

To detect any risky behavior while possessing control, SecureCircle works in conjunction with your identity provider. SecureCircle becomes part of the device’s compliant posture while your identity service can detect if the device attempting access is compliant before issuing access. SecureCircle always keeps data in an encrypted state and only allows approved applications to access and modify it. If any risky behavior is shown from the analysis of user behavior, SecureCircle enables you to change the posture of what the user is allowed to access. 

Ultimately, when having absolute control over your data, you start to think of the world differently. Zero Trust security is one comprehensive approach that allows you to have conditional data access for your endpoints. Even though data is secure, at one point or another, you are going to have to allow access. When doing so, SecureCircle will be there to eliminate these vulnerabilities.

Conditional Data Access for Endpoints