Cybersecurity 2021 Conferences

Which will be the best 2021 Cybersecurity Conferences?

2020 was undoubtedly a year of change for everybody. People had to adapt and shift rapidly to new habits because of Covid-19. Cybersecurity conferences were not an exception: while some of them were cancelled, others took place in a virtual environment instead of the traditional way. 

Regular attendees are expecting to join the main Cybersecurity Conferences to be held this year even though they will mostly be held virtually. SecureCircle lists here the top 10 conferences that you cannot miss: 

  1. RSA CONFERENCE 2021, SAN FRANCISCO: this year the event will be fully virtual taking place the week of May 17. The topic will be Resilience. You can get the tickets on their website.
  2. GARTNER SECURITY & RISK MANAGEMENT SUMMIT: the event will be a virtual experience happening on March 23 and 24. Check tickets and pricing on their website. 
  3. DEF CON: the conference will be virtual, starting August 5 and finishing August 8. The event will be free. 
  4. RSA CONFERENCE 2021, JAPAN: last year the event took place in July and was free for everybody. For this year they haven't announced anything yet, so we are still expecting relevant information from them. 
  5. ATLANTA CYBERSECURITY CONFERENCE: This conference will be live streamed, taking place on February 24. Pricing and registration on their website. 
  6. NATIONAL CYBERSECURITY SUMMIT: the venue of the conference will be in Von Braun Center, Huntsville, AL. A three - day event from June 8 -10. For further information and pricing check their website.
  7. INFOSEC WORLD: one of the few in person conferences that will take place in Disney's Contemporary Resort, Lake Buena Vista on September 27 - 29. For registration and tickets check their website.
  8. SECURE360 TWIN CITIES: the committee of this event has decided that it will be fully virtual taking place on May 11 and 12. Registration on their website.
  9. THE HUMAN HACKING CONFERENCE: at the moment the only event that gives us the opportunity to attend virtually. The venue will be at Rosen Centre Hotel, Orlando, FL or by the virtual component of the event having access to some exclusive online workshops. The conference will take place on March 11 -13. For registration and more information visit the website. 
  10. CIO´S FUTURE OF WORK SUMMIT: virtual event taking place next month, February 16 - 18. Attendance is free but registration is necessary on their website.

 We will be there.  Are you going to join us? 

Cybersecurity 2021 Conferences