Distributed-Workforce | Case Study

A digital marketing firm (“DMF”) with Fortune 500 customers and an entirely distributed team of employees and freelancers.

The Challenge

Headquartered in the Bay Area, California, DMF utilizes a distributed team of employees and freelancers to provide their services. A distributed team allows DMF to select the best employees while managing cost. However, ensuring data security and privacy with a distributed workforce is a challenge. 

DMF is trusted with developing marketing campaigns and advertising for new products. None of the information is public knowledge, so keeping their customer’s data private is extremely important. Leaking information would ruin their relationship with customers and risk future projects.

Like many enterprises today, DMF can’t simply lock down their sensitive customer IP with traditional security tools. They need a way to share IP securely with their distributed workforce, while always maintaining control of the data, being confident that it could never be leaked. And the kicker - since work happens at such a fast pace, they need their security to be completely invisible to the distributed team, so that each team member is free to use their preferred tools and productivity is never slowed down. 

Security that enables complete protection and control of data even as it flows into a distributed team, while being completely invisible, ensuring unfettered productivity, has not been possible in the industry. Until now.

The Solution

Upon implementing SecureCircle, DMF protects confidential project data regardless of where the information is created, stored or consumed. All distributed team members  work at maximum productivity using their preferred tools, because the security is invisible. Besides the SecureCircle agent, no additional software  nor integrations are  required. File names and extensions are never changed. In fact, the only time employees notice SecureCircle is when they attempt to access data that they do not have permission to access. And DMF’s administration can see every action on every file, with instant  awareness of any malicious activity from insider or external threats.

SecureCircle’s competitive advantage is transparent and automated protection which doesn’t impact end user or business workflow.

DMF quickly onboarded employees and freelancers by inviting them into various Circles. Circles are a collection of data, users, and devices which have the same access control. DMF deployed multiple Circles to segregate its customer’s data. Employees working on one customer’s projects are not  able to see projects for other customers in which they are not involved. Users who are working on both customers’ projects are simply added to both Circles. As new customer projects emerge and others finish, DMF can easily revoke and change staff permissions in real-time. Freelancers can be quickly onboarded or removed from a project.

DMF has a file server that all the employees use to share files and store final projects. The file server is a virtual Windows server hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). DMF installed the SecureCircle client on the Windows server to manage data policies on the Windows server. Each customer folder was designated a MagicFolder™. MagicFolders allow any data placed into the folder to be automatically protected and added to an existing Circle. So all files uploaded to the customer folder were automatically protected and added to The Circle.

SecureCircle tracks protected data as it moves. As employees download files to work on their devices, the data remains protected at all times. SecureCircle’s patented transparent protection allows files never to be decrypted. Files are encrypted in transit, at rest, and even in use. As data is created and edited, derivative works are automatically protected by SecureCircle’s patented MagicDerivative™. MagicDerivative will automatically safeguard data as it moves from file to file via copy-paste or even if manually recreated. Creating duplicate copies of the data or Save-As will result in protected files. Employees are free to use any application to complete their work and can store and send files via existing tools like Dropbox.

SecureCircle’s competitive advantage is transparent and automated protection which doesn’t impact the end user or business workflow. SecureCircle can be deployed quickly and protect any data, the highest return on investment in a security world full of heavy enterprise tools that require huge effort and yield little return. Since workflows are not changed, employees do not need to be trained on how to use the solution and there is no ongoing IT or security burden to maintain the solution.


• Transparent data protection which doesn’t impact end users or business workflows. Distributed teams can use the tools they want to optimize productivity and results. 

• Automatically tracks protected data and protects derivative works.

• Data is always protected. Files are never decrypted

• Data is persistently protected no matter where it goes, even in public shared folders like AWS, a common attack vector

• Revoke and change permissions in real-time. Freelancers can be quickly onboarded or removed from a project

• Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

The Outcome

SecureCircle enables DMF to secure data with a distributed workforce without requiring employees to change their workflow. DMF maintains complete protection and control over their sensitive customer IP.

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