End Insider Threats Without Interference

Today, insider threats can be eliminated by adopting data-centric data protection. Legacy data protection solutions focused on networks, endpoints, files and disks. Those solutions did not protect information as it moved from one device or medium to another. As a byproduct of this paradigm, data protection would attempt to block users from using "Save As" or copying a file to a USB drive. Legacy solutions attempted to jail data for the sake of security. Employees couldn’t do their work effectively, leading to a new threat — Shadow IT. This meant corporate IT didn’t even have visibility to how information was moving through the organization.

From what I've seen in my experience as a leader in enterprise software development, a new data-centric approach is required for today’s dynamic environment. Whether you refer to the world as Forrester’s Zero Trust, Google’s BeyondCorp or cloud-first, data protection, in general, must follow the data as it moves from one file to another, from one file type to another and be read and modified by applications and while being stored locally, centrally or in the cloud.

To ensure your company's data protection is up to par, here are four things to consider:

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