Government Organization Cyberattacks

The Government Accountability Office has released a report outlining the cybersecurity shortcomings in various government organizations. The report found that many organizations had a risk manager in place, but did not have any plans for cybersecurity. They lacked a proper risk management plan for cybersecurity as well as a response plan for any possible attacks. The report comes at a time when security incidents for organizations of all types are increasing in volume. Government organizations are especially vulnerable because they lack the resources to upgrade protections, or it is too difficult to make the security solutions work with legacy systems. There is special attention now to hackers from Russia and Ukraine with the election coming up. There will surely be an increase in attempts to penetrate our government systems, so agencies must be prepared. 

One hurdle that they face is bureaucracy and that is mostly unavoidable. Processes move slow by design. However, if the whole agency is focused on an issue, it will make changes much easier to push through. This is the main problem. Some people don’t care about cybersecurity or don’t think that it’s worth the trouble. Then they end up in the news for leaking the data of thousands of people. Agencies must realize that the risk is not worth the reward of saving a few days and some change. Cybersecurity is easy to ignore but it will often come back to bite you. 

Agencies can become better equipped to deal with cyber threats by staying up to date with the best solutions on the market. You can’t be complacent with a solution that is just “good enough.” The reputation of your organization depends on your ability to handle threats and keep your stakeholders data safe. Some companies claim to provide data security but in reality all they do is tell you when someone is accessing your data. Why not get a solution that does this, and actually protects your data?

We created SecureCircle with this simple goal in mind. We provide insights into the location and accessibility of your data, as well as secure encryption that nullifies a vast majority of data breach risks. We can work with any operating system, any program you currently work with, and any size file. Why limit yourself to a solution that only allows you to do certain things? The point of cybersecurity is to protect your organization. That shouldn’t mean you have to change the way you work. Ease of use is very important to us. Our client is offered through a quick download and install. The system administrator will then set up “Circles” or groups of people with access to certain data. After this, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your data again. We take care of the rest for you. Visit the rest of our site to find out how you can schedule a demo today!