How to Prevent Government Data Breaches

While many companies are experiencing data breaches at an alarming rate, governments must be on high alert as well. The government of Panama just experienced a breach which exposed the PII of about 85% of all of their citizens. With the population currently sitting at just over four million people, this is a fairly large breach. The data was exposed on a server that was not properly secured behind a firewall, leaving it vulnerable to brute force attacks. This is an example of security that is so close, but yet so far. It would be fairly easy to prevent this breach with the proper protective measures. This will definitely not be the last breach that a government experiences, so it is important that this breach can be learned from. In this post, we will discuss some of the features of government data breaches and how they can be prevented.

Government data is very comprehensive and often not protected as well as it could be. Citizens are required to divulge personal information to governments and they often sit in databases or servers that have little security. This is usually due to legacy systems and untrained employees exposing the agency to more security risks than it otherwise would be. Bureaucracy requires many people to get things done and results in inefficiencies. In order to upgrade things, you need approval from your higher-ups. This allows for hardware and software with known vulnerabilities to remain in use for much longer than it should be. In addition, the people using the technology are probably not as careful as they should be. Employees are often your biggest threat because they are not perfect and will make data security mistakes. Whether it be emailing a file to the wrong person or using their work computer on a public wifi network, your organization’s data will be exposed in one way or another. This is not unique to government agencies, it occurs in all lines of work. However for governments, hackers recognize that this presents a prime opportunity to steal data without the effort that is required for attacking enterprises. The breaches will often go undetected because data breaches aren’t typically a top priority for government officials. It is only when the problem gets too big to control and blows up that something is done. An agency can end the cycle by being proactive and taking action as soon as possible. Breaches can be prevented before they start and save a lot of headaches and paperwork.

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