How to Prevent the Boeing Data Leak

Last September, a security researcher was able to uncover an unprotected server full of code for Boeing’s 787 and 737 passenger jets. While the server should have been locked, it is clear that this sort of thing should not be happening to a company as large as Boeing. However, it seems that it, in fact, happens all the time. Unprotected servers, misconfigured S3 buckets, the list goes on. If you don’t store your data internally behind your own firewall, which in today’s environment is almost impossible, you run the risk of a leak such as this one. While it is possible to prevent them with more thorough security checks, there should be a better solution. Servers are still vulnerable to attacks and data can be accessed regardless of the security you implement. This leads to the natural solution of protecting the actual data itself.

Many companies claim to protect data but in reality, only perform a certain part of the necessary functions to accomplish this goal. Some, for instance, claims to protect data through visibility. This will allow you to see when and where attacks are happening, and which files are accessed. Then you can stop the bleeding by cutting off access to the at-risk files. However, this approach is flawed because attackers will still be able to access some number of “protected” files. A better approach would be to provide encryption for all of your sensitive files. This will ensure that no one without the right permissions can access them. Unfortunately, this method is also flawed. While it is more secure than the first, it still allows for the possibility of malicious insiders copying information out of one file, and into another. These methods are good ideas but are inherently flawed.

That’s why we created SecureCircle. Our solution is simple: protect your data with encryption. Yes, this does sound exactly like one of the previous solutions. However, there is one key difference. We protect your DATA, whereas competitors protect your files. Protecting data is a much better approach to this problem. If your data is protected then it will be protected in its original file, as well as any file it is transferred to. This means that our protection will follow your sensitive data even if it is copied into a new file, preventing the threat of insider theft. Other solutions have limitations on the operating system and different programs you can and can’t use. Our solution allows you to continue working as usual. Your company deserves to have the best protection available. Visit to learn more.