How to Prevent the Lion Air Databreach

Indonesian airline carrier Lion Air experienced a data breach that exposed the records of over 35 million customers. Passport information, home addresses, and phone numbers were posted on data exchange forums. No payment information is thought to be affected.

The breach was likely the result of a misconfigured S3 bucket. The airline is conducting an investigation with AWS in order to confirm the true cause. The company has also hired an independent investigator to look into the extent of the information leaked. 

Using cloud storage is convenient but it leaves your business very vulnerable. In most cases, data breaches occur because someone makes a mistake. With a third-party storage provider, your data is also subject to the mistakes of someone else. 

You don’t have to sacrifice convenience for security. Business needs to keep going in order for you to make any money. Encryption is the way to get the best of both worlds. 

Hosting your data on a cloud server is fine, but it must be properly secured. Configuring the security settings would be a good start, but it must be taken a step further. 

If all your data is encrypted and stored in a cloud server, even if the server is open, no one else will be able to read your data. (But it’d still probably be a good idea to secure the server.)

If you want to protect your business from data breaches, you need to get SecureCircle. Many other solutions don’t provide a good approach to the problem of data protection.

Data loss often occurs because too many people have access to a database. While access controls are an important aspect of security, the best way to deal with it is to protect the data itself.

At SecureCircle, we created a solution that does just that. We encrypt your data, and the encryption follows it wherever it goes. This includes the data being copied and pasted into a new file. That new file will be encrypted as well.

Only those with that are within our Circle, a predefined set of users with access to sensitive files will be allowed to open the files. Anyone else, such as hackers that breach a database, will possess the files. However, they will be completely useless as they won’t be able to read them.

Even if an insider stole the information, it would be very easy to identify the perpetrator because all interactions with files are logged. Our logging can be integrated with the SIEM of your choosing, or you can stick to our default service.

Encryption ensures that you can protect your data even when it isn’t in your possession. This is extremely important in today’s business environment with the rise of cloud services to help with collaboration.

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