Data that should NEVER leave

Every day organizations make headlines for data leaks.  Accidentally leaving servers unprotected without a password, losing a laptop with unencrypted data, emailing sensitive data to the wrong person, malicious phishing and data hacks.  Data protection is available to organizations that want to keep their INTERNAL DATA… INTERNAL.

Regardless of where data is stored or how data is transferred, data protection can protect an organization’s sensitive information at rest, in transit, and in use.   There is no reason to use data protection solutions that have limitations on devices, file sizes, file types, applications, changing file names or extensions.

Apple recently made the news when an ex-employee’s arrest before boarding a plane to leave the country.  How could SecureCircle have helped in the ex-Apple employee charged with stealing self-driving care trade secrets?

The 25-page “the single file” that “serves as the basis for the instant criminal charge” is essential and would be under SecureCircle protection.  Apple could limit access to the file to those individuals that should have access.  Even if an employee with access decided to leave the company, access to the data could be revoked, and any copies (including all derivatives) would no longer be accessible including any file on personal devices or in the cloud.

File access attempts are logged for detailed monitoring and reporting.  Compliance officers can review the data in real-time and execute automated orchestration responses to suspicious activity.

Additionally, SecureCircle’s data protection is not focused on files.  SecureCircle protects the content within a file.  When a user copies content from a protected file such as a spreadsheet and pastes the material into a presentation, the presentation will assume the same access control permissions as the original spreadsheet.  Allowing users to continue to work as usual, but automatically protecting the content and giving organizations the security, visibility, and control of data. The automatic derivative protection includes protecting files created using Save-As or even saving Word files as a PDF.

Many of SecureCircle’s customers fall into two categories.  Whether protecting IP like the Apple story or compliance requirements for banking, healthcare, & GDPR, SecureCircle is capable of protecting and monitoring your essential internal data.