Insider Threat at Lion Air (Update)

In our last blog post, we discussed the Lion Air data breach, which affected 46 million customers. Lion Air subsidiary, Malindo Air, recently revealed that their data breach was caused by two former contractors. 

GoQuo, Malindo Air’s e-commerce provider, interfaced with some of the airline’s data. The airline found that two of GoQuo’s ex-employees stole the information and put it online for sale. Most of the data was also posted to an open forum. 

The data was taken from GoQuo’s development center in India. The company would not name the employees in question. It is not known whether or not the employees have been apprehended yet. 

Insider threats are a part of doing business. Most insider “threats” are honest mistakes. An insider threat could be an employee accidentally sends a classified document to the wrong person. Many of these turn out to be harmless, but still fall under the umbrella term “insider threat.” 

Then there is this type of insider threat. An employee maliciously steals data from the organization for either personal gain or simply to hurt the company. 

The GoQuo employees’ intentions are not known, but it is hard to believe that an individual would accidentally post 46 million customer records to a public forum. While unfortunate, these threats do exist and you need to protect your company from them. 

At SecureCircle, we created our product to provide a blanket of protection for all of your sensitive data. Our solution is simple: encrypt your data. This mitigates many of the common threats that are faced by organizations.

If Malindo Air’s data had been encrypted, the malicious employees can share the data all they want but no one else will be able to read it. Only users with the SecureCircle client installed are able to access protected files. 

Even if they copied the information and pasted it into a new file, the protection will follow it. The new file will also be encrypted and therefore unreadable to others. 

Get a solution that is right for your company. Other companies only provide small aspects of our service for the exact same price as our full product. Your business deserves to have be safe.