Law Firm Leaks Celebrity Data

The New York law firm of Grubman Shire Meiselas and Sacks that serves some of the many well-known celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and U2 appears to have fallen into a REvil ransomware attack. The REvil hackers are threatening to publish the stolen documents from the Grubman clients in nine staggered releases unless they fulfill the demand of $42 million in ransom.   

The attack links to a domain the law firm used with an unpatched Pulse Secure VPN server. Vulnerability data confirmed that the law firm had a vulnerable server for almost two months. Unfortunately for them, during that time, many threat actors were actively scanning for unpatched VPN servers. 

The vulnerability scan for open internet ports for vulnerable VPN servers cannot confirm that REvil hackers used it to plant ransomware and encrypt files. The REvil hackers are known for targeting unpatched VPN servers, which may have led them to Grubman. REvil is also known to use these servers to gain access to networks and steal their credentials, plant malware, and attack. 

Ransomware has two main approaches. One is to encrypt all the data in place at the victim’s site and demand ransom for the decrypt key. The second is to transfer all the data to an alternative location and demand ransom for not releasing the data to the public.  

SecureCircle Data Access Security Broker (DASB) customers who have faced similar attacks or malicious insiders only need to worry about the first ransomware approach. The case of releasing sensitive information to the public is not possible with SecureCircle. The hackers will have stolen protected data encrypted with AES-256. Even with a 100 petaFLOPS supercomputer, the hackers would need 3.67x1052 years to break a single key. With SecureCircle, each file uses a unique key.

The first type of attack which encrypts data in place is still possible with SecureCircle. The hacker would encrypt an already encrypted file. Recover from an encrypt-in-place attack by implementing a proper backup solution that isolates the backup data and keeps multiple revisions of files.

With SecureCircle, minimize ransomware attacks to annoyances similar to SPAM email. Annoying and not productive, but nothing making CNN and TMZ headlines.

Law Firm Leaks Celebrity Data