National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Now that work, school, and many other life aspects have shifted online this year, it is vitally important that we remember to take on cybersecurity precautions. Working from home introduces many new challenges for companies because their data is now in multiple different locations on different devices. Since October for National Cybersecurity Month, SecureCircle wants to remind you data breaches are still increasing. 

For starters, the average cost of a data breach is now 8.64 million dollars, which is a 5% increase since 2019. Internal actors account for 31% of data breaches in North America. When working from home, many employees tend to abandon security practices and expose company information due to negligent or malicious acts. 76% of companies that have experienced a data breach have said that remote work would increase time to identify breaches. Legacy security tools do not work. 

Cybercriminals have many advantages when it comes to a remote workforce. In most cases, home setups are often insecure. Most of them lack a defense-in-depth approach, such as using VPNs, antivirus solutions, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems to protect data in residential environments. While at home, employees also tend to use several devices, leading to multiple potential entries for threats. Overall, there are so many more cracked doors for cybercriminals to open and attack. With a Zero-Trust data security solution, companies will steer clear of data breaches and cybercriminals. 

At SecureCircle, we believe frictionless data security drives business value for our customers. We deliver a security service that simplifies Zero Trust data security on endpoints. Customers use SecureCircle because of these four key reasons :

1) Remove users from the security process

2) Transparent and frictionless to users and applications

3) Reduce cost and complexity

4) Rapid and simple deployment

Along with that, SecureCircle secures an endless amount of use cases, but we focus on three primary use cases. These use cases include :

1) Source Code Protection

2) Zero Trust data security for Saas

3) User-generated intellectual property

With SecureCircle, companies proactively keep all of their data secure without impacting user or business workflows. Instead of relying on complex reactive measures, SecureCircle simply secures data persistently in transit, at rest, and even in use.

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month