Not via Sonic the Hedgehog

There are over 2M apps available on each of the mobile app platforms: Google Play and Apple App Store. How thoroughly are those apps tested? Serious security bugs or malicious intent?  Recently it was reported that Sonic the Hedgehog games were leaking user’s geolocation and device data.  Location data definitely falls into the private information category which everyone is concerned with.

The Sonic example is just one of many types of security threats that arise from unknown or untested applications. How many organizations have similar problems in the work environment? File format converters, imaging editors, messaging applications, etc. These are all common downloads that end up on desktop and laptop computers. Are all of these applications safe?

Popular Sonic Hedgehog video game

For many IT organizations, administrative rights to the computer is limited to prevent users from installing unknown applications. Not all applications require admin rights and there are many workarounds for this IT restriction.

With SecureCircle, IT departments can restrict file access to a list of known applications – The Approved List. The Approved List can allow users to open photoshop .psd files from Adobe Photoshop, but not from any other image editing applications.

Combine the Approved Application List with SecureCircle’s Transparent File Encryption solution and you have the most transparent solution for protecting unstructured data. Data protection is embedded into the file and travels with the file regardless of file type or storage location.

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