Press & News Embargos

There are all sorts of news content embargoed for various reasons.  Common embargos are new product announcements, advertising campaigns, and quarterly financial reports.  All of these examples are the simple embargo workflow: don’t make this public until a specific date and time.

Samsung Galaxy J6 press images were leaked ahead of the official announcement a few months ago.’s release of the photos whether accidental or on purpose to gain some immediate attention from fans and media significantly impacts the Samsung marketing launch.  Users who get to view the images early might not pay attention to the official launch material which is likely to have more depth of information including pricing, specifications, and other information.

A similar example occurred last fall when photos of Google’s Pixel 2 XL leaked ahead of the planned launch.  It’s hard to control 3rd parties that organizations rely on to help get the news spread and generate buzz.

The reason the examples above occur is that the process is manual.  Organizations have to trust the press agency, publications, news organizations, etc. to adhere to the release timing.  What happens if the release date changes and not everyone is adequately informed.  There are also time zone confusions.  It’s just hard to get correct all the time.

SecureCircle’s Transparent File Encryption solution is focused on providing the security, visibility, and control of unstructured data.  Because SecureCircle has such granular control of data regardless of where the information is stored, SecureCircle can be used to protect news content under embargo.  This includes the press release, the product video, the interview, the product review, and more.

The typical use case for SecureCircle is to protect internal data that should never be shared with external users.  In the news content embargo use case:

The organization can share content with 3rd parties to prepare for the announcement.  The 3rd parties will be given the authorization to access the protected content.  The protected content still cannot be viewed by anyone without permission even if a 3rd party accidentally emails the content to the wrong person.

At the specific embargo release time, the organization can release the content from protection so anyone can view the content.  The organization and 3rd parties are now free to share content with the public.  This provides the organization with a centralized, automated, and trackable process to release embargoed material.

The organization can control down to the file level which files for a project are released from protection.  This allows the organization to publish only the final versions and the draft versions can never be viewed by unauthorized users.  If the project has no future value to the 3rd parties, the organization can also disable access 3rd parties from accessing the draft content.  The draft content is now only visible by authorized users within the organization.

Just one of the many ways SecureCircle protects your organization.