Quanta Storage Inc. Secures CIP

Quanta Storage Inc. (QSI) is a worldwide leader in OEM and ODM services to the world’s leading consumer electronics brands with headquarters in Taoyuan City,
Taiwan, and factories and offices worldwide.

The Challenge

QSI obtains customer intellectual property (IP) such as designs, roadmaps, costs, legal documents, and schedules. Customers are concerned about the safety of their IP. The IP includes traditional Office files, source code, mechanical design files, photos, videos, and more.

QSI’s customers are some of the most recognized consumer electronic brands globally. Customers are concerned data may leak to their competitors, which are also QSI customers, or to the public.

Additionally, QSI creates its internal intellectual property, such as design and source code files for designs and products which QSI owns and needs to secure.

The Solution

QSI evaluated many encryption and data loss prevention solutions before selecting SecureCircle. The alternative solutions could not protect any file type and impacted QSI employees with workflow changes.

“SecureCircle was selected because their technology applies to data regardless of where the data is stored or what applications are used,” said Luis Chuang, Associate Manager. “Two critical requirements for QSI is support for all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Linux and to support any application and file type, including native design files.”

SecureCircle ensures sensitive customer intellectual property (IP) is protected when customers share data with QSI. Customers upload data to a secure FTP location. The data is automatically secured on upload and added to the customer-specific Circle. Customer data is segregated from other customers, so data cannot accidentally or malicious leak from one customer to another. Employees do not have access to
customer Circles, which they are not directly involved.

SecureCircle secures QSI’s internal confidential information, including business, design, and manufacturing data. QSI is able to secure data across multiple sites, including its headquarters in Taiwan, as well as major factories in China and Thailand. SecureCircle authenticates users across multiple Active Directory servers distributed throughout their global footprint.

SecureCircle secures software source code throughout the development process. Developers code on Windows, Mac, and Linux devices using the approved IDE (Integrated Development Environment) applications without any change to the workflow.

QSI is able to secure data without additional operational overhead. Unlike other DLP solutions, QSI is not required to discover and classify data prior to securing it. There is also no need to create or maintain DLP policy rules since SecureCircle secures all data by default.

The Outcome

Due to the OEM and ODM industry’s sensitive and competitive nature, QSI strives to achieve the highest data protection level to ensure internal IP and customer IP are always protected.

QSI has deployed to employees around the world, securing IP while not impacting employee or business workflows. There has been no additional management overhead since SecureCircle leverages the Active Directory groups, which were already maintained to grant access to file servers and other resources.

SecureCircle transparently secures data from internal and external threats, including accidental sharing, lost/stolen devices, shadow IT, and rogue employees.

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Quanta Storage Inc. Secures Customer Intellectual Property