Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp in Trouble

Quest Diagnostics recently revealed that about 12 million patients may have had their financial and medical data exposed in a recent breach. This is just the most recent in a string of healthcare data breaches. Its billing collections vendor, American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) notified them that they experienced unauthorized activity on their site. For about eight months, an unauthorized individual had access to their web payment portal until they were eventually detected and stopped. Luckily, people’s lab results were not exposed in the breach but all the other data is just as valuable. The unfortunate thing about this breach is that Quest is in the headline, not AMCA. The reality of the situation is that even though the breach wasn’t your fault, you could still take most of the PR hit. It is for this reason that you secure your data to the point where even when it’s shared with third parties, you can rest assured that it is safe.

In today’s business environment, collaboration with other parties is absolutely necessary. It can’t be avoided no matter how hard you try. Even if these parties aren’t directly other companies like AMCA, your business will likely utilize services provided by other companies. These include Google G-suite, Dropbox, and Office 365. Once data leaves your organization, it is no longer in your control. Admitting this is the first step and will make your business all the more practical when dealing with data protection. The next step is to identify which data you would definitely not want to have leaked in a data breach. After doing this, you need to find a solution that can provide the security that you need for these files.

Current security solutions have a lot of gaps. Most of them involve data that leaves your organization. They assume that you have control of all your data, or that you will know which files must be protected. However, this will not always be the case. Even if all your sensitive data stays within the organization, if you get internally breached then it will be exposed. This expectation is not realistic in any way. As mentioned earlier, you will need to expose your data to third parties in order to efficiently conduct your business. Existing solutions assume that your users will know which data should be protected and will act accordingly. However, solutions like these rely on humans which is not always the best idea. Everyone makes mistakes but you can ensure that these mistakes won’t put your company in a data breach headline.

At the time this article was started, it was just Quest that had their information affected. Now it has branched out to include Labcorp as well. This is in the span of a couple days, multiple companies are finding negative publicity due to the fault of another. Now is the time to act. Especially in the healthcare sector. Breaches in healthcare were up 400% last year and the industry has never been a better target. Take a look at SecureCircle for a way to swiftly ensure that your sensitive data is protected. We are the first solution to provide a simple solution for protecting your data. We encrypt all of your important data from the second it is created. This protection follows your data wherever it goes and ensures that you will not have to worry about data breaches. Even if you copy data from one of your sensitive files and paste it into a new one, the protection will still follow to the new file. With this, you will never have to worry about your data falling into the wrong hands because it protects itself. Visit us at to learn how we can help you.