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MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Sept. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — SecureCircle, a provider of always-on, opt-out cybersecurity data protection, today announced that Taiwan-based NetBridge Technologies will serve as its Asia Pacific distributor. NetBridge, which provides network, storage, and security solutions for businesses, has signed on to distribute SecureCircle’s enterprise security product.

“With daily security breaches, cybersecurity remains a major concern for enterprises around the world,” said Jeff Capone, SecureCircle co-founder and CEO. “Unfortunately, traditional approaches are no longer effective in today’s cloud-first environment, and it’s critical for companies to have access to new technologies specifically designed for a Zero Trust world.  Our partnership with NetBridge is an important step in expanding our reach and bringing new, cutting-edge technology to the Asia Pacific region so businesses can protect one of their most valuable assets – data.”

NetBridge will use SecureCircle technology to provide data security to its customers, helping protect their valuable data from both internal and external threats, no matter what format it takes or how the data gets shared. In addition to its distributor role, NetBridge is also a customer, using SecureCircle to protect its own unstructured data and that of its customers. NetBridge will distribute SecureCircle technology to companies in all types of enterprises, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, media and government agencies.

“SecureCircle is an ideal partner, offering a unique solution to address the realities of data security in enterprises today,” said Eric Hsu, NetBridge general manager. “We haven’t seen anything else in the market that comes close to SecureCircle in providing the best in security as well as usability. In fact, we were so impressed by SecureCircle’s technology that we became a customer as well as a distributor.”

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About NetBridge Technologies 

NetBridge Technologies is a professional value-add distributor specializing in network infrastructure, storage, Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity solutions. Based in Taiwan, NetBridge also services the Asia Pacific region, with partnerships in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Learn more at

About SecureCircle 

SecureCircle offers the first opt-out data protection for solving today’s cybersecurity challenges in a Zero Trust world. Its patent-pending technology transparently prevents breaches and data loss by protecting sensitive data by default and allowing organizations to ensure the security, visibility and control of unstructured data from internal and external threats, regardless of location. Headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., SecureCircle helps organizations in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, media and government meet challenging data security and compliance requirements. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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