SecureCircle announces Care21

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. /BusinessWire/ July 9, 2019 – SecureCircle, the world’s first opt-out data-centric data protection, today announced that UK-based Care21 will serve as a United Kingdom and Europe Middle East Africa Distributor.  Care21, which provides connectivity and security solutions for businesses, has signed on to distribute SecureCircle’s enterprise security product.

“SecureCircle is proud to bring Care21 into the family and expand our sales reach to Europe.  Care21 brings a depth of experience and focus on customer success which aligns with SecureCircle’s mission to provide transparent data protection to organizations,” said Jeff Capone, SecureCircle co-founder, and CEO.

Care21 will use SecureCircle technology to end Insider Threats such as malicious insiders and accidental sharing without impacting end-users or changing business processes.  Care21 is also a customer, using SecureCircle to protect its own data while also protecting and segregating their customer information.  Care21 will distribute SecureCircle technology to companies in all types of enterprises, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, media, and government agencies.

“SecureCircle provides a unique solution to protect data from internal threats and automatically protect derivative works while providing auditable compliance logs,” said Markus Losada, Care21 CEO.  “SecureCircle assists customers with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and DCAP (Data-Centric Audit and Protection).”

To learn more, visit or contact Care21 at

About Care21
Care21 specializes in networking, server, cabling, and telecommunications equipment as well as offering solutions and services to plan, implement, manage, and support customer’s network infrastructure.  For more information, please visit

About SecureCircle
SecureCircle is the world’s first opt-out data-centric data protection that prevents breaches and data loss in a Zero Trust world.  Its patent-pending technology transparently protects sensitive data by default and allows organizations to ensure the visibility, security, and control of data from internal and external threats regardless of location.  Headquartered in Mountain View, California, SecureCircle helps organizations in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, media, and government meet challenging data security and compliance requirements. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.