SecureCircle @ CIAB FEBRABAN

It’s already been a month since SecureCircle was featured as an International Exhibitor at CIAB FEBFRAN in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  CIAB FEBRABAN – Information Technology Congress and Exhibition of Financial Institutions – encourages the development of technology and digital transformations, contributes to the evolution of the sector and generates business opportunities for participants.

CIAB reported over 23k visitors, and 3,500 congress members attended the 3-day event.

The one take away from the event is organizations need a new paradigm to protect their unstructured data.  Organizations have been using solutions initially designed as a second line of defense as their primary line of defense.  The first line of defense had a secure perimeter around your internal corporate network.

With the rise of cloud applications, mobile devices, and working 24×7 from anywhere, the internal corporate network has eroded to the point that Forrester coined a term Zero Trust and Google coined BeyondCorp to describe the current state of the internal network – it doesn’t exist.  By 2021, Gartner estimates 27% of corporate data traffic will bypass perimeter security, up from 10% today.  Start treating internal networks just like external networks.

Second line of defense solutions like DLP and IRM were never designed to support cloud-scale operations.  These solutions are very manual and were meant to add security to one or two files which the organization needs more control and visibility.

Organizations learned first-hand at the SecureCircle booth how SecureCircle’s Transparent File Encryption and Similarity Detection Engine can protect unstructured data regardless of file type, file size, device, or storage location.  Files are encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use.  Additionally, SecureCircle automatically protects derivative work including Save As and copy & paste.  Derivative content automatically assumes the same access control as the original source.

Completely Transparent

Users and applications interact with protected data in the same way they would with unprotected data. This is a fundamental requirement for avoiding user opt-out and ultimately data loss. No change to file name or extension. Users use the same applications to use files. Works with any file type or file size

Always Encrypted

Protected files are always encrypted from the moment they are created to the time they become dormant and inactive. Even as users interact with the file content (read/write), the file itself remains in an encrypted state. Files are encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use.

Always Tracked

Each protected file carries a unique Circle ID that is used to identify which group of devices/users have access to the protected content. Each time the file is accessed, the End Point calls home to the SecureCircle server for access validation, meaning the file itself is tracked, regardless of where it is transferred.

Always Retractable

As a byproduct of the always-encrypted nature of the file, files can be disabled regardless of their location.

Always Portable

SecureCircle’s technology is cross-platform, file-type agnostic, and completely bound to the file it is protecting. Regardless of transport means or device used, unstructured data can remain only accessible by those who are entitled to access it. Data is safe even when it is stored in public cloud storage, public messaging, or unknown end-user storage.

Similarity Detection Engine

SecureCircle understands the DNA of a protected file. When that DNA is found in another file, the file is automatically protected with the same access rights as the original file. Security follows the content even with Save-As or copy & paste operations. Data can move from one format such as a spreadsheet to a presentation and SecureCircle will automatically detect the similar content and protect the presentation with the same permissions as the original spreadsheet. There is no end-user interaction required.

SecureCircle solves pressing industry challenges in cybersecurity. Its patent-pending Transparent File Encryption solution helps organizations ensure the security, visibility, and control of unstructured data from internal and external threats, regardless of format or storage location. Unlike existing technologies, SecureCircle provides an entirely transparent solution which is always encrypted, trackable, and retractable, helping organizations to secure data in today’s cloud-first environment effectively. SecureCircle allows companies within healthcare, finance, manufacturing, pharma, media, and government organizations meet data security and compliance requirements.