Transparent Security to Unstructured Data

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Dec. 11, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SecureCircle, a leader in unstructured data security for cloud-first enterprises, today announced the launch of its flagship security product, SecureCircle, which is the first security product designed to meet the challenges of securing and managing unstructured data in a “zero-trust” world. Differing from other Data Security and Access Control solutions, SecureCircle automatically detects and transparently protects data no matter the form it takes throughout its lifecycle.

The company takes a completely different approach to data security than other solutions on the market. Instead of deciding which files or content to protect, SecureCircle protects them all, allowing administrators to select which items to remove. This zero trust approach doesn’t require user involvement to keep the data safe and it takes into account the way data is realistically used and shared within organizations. It protects enterprises from both internal and external threats without altering the way users collaborate, share and use files.

“Securing unstructured data has become a major problem for enterprises today,” said Jeff Capone, SecureCircle co-founder and CEO. “It accounts for about 80 percent of an enterprise’s data and is growing at a fast clip – yet, it’s extremely difficult to control. While there are many solutions that can make a few important files “self-destruct,” they are only applicable as a second line of defense. Without a perimeter, enterprises need a new solution to protect their vast amount of unstructured data without requiring user adherence and with low IT overhead.”

The solution secures files by protecting the content within them, which are only accessible by approved devices. It protects the content within unstructured data files of any format and for use by any application, no matter where it resides — in the cloud, at home or office, desktop or mobile. Unlike existing technologies such as file encryption, disk encryption, Information Rights Management, Data Loss Prevention, and Cloud Access Security Brokers, SecureCircle provides complete security, reporting, and control for the massive number of unstructured data files within enterprises – ensuring that they are always encrypted, trackable and retractable.

At the center of SecureCircle is a patent-pending Transparent File Encryption solution designed to transparently protect unstructured data in any form. Files stay encrypted – at rest, in transit, or in use – regardless of where the data is stored. Additionally, SecureCircle can automatically protect derivative work, isolate data access to authorized applications, and adaptively protect data based on the source of the file, helping companies meet their data security and compliance requirements.

About SecureCircle
SecureCircle was founded in 2015 to help solve pressing industry challenges in cybersecurity. Its patent-pending Transparent File Encryption solution helps organizations ensure the security, visibility and control of unstructured data from internal and external threats, regardless of format or storage location. Unlike existing technologies, SecureCircle provides a completely transparent solution which is always encrypted, trackable, and retractable, helping organizations to effectively secure data in today’s cloud-first environment. SecureCircle helps companies within healthcare, finance, manufacturing, pharma, media, and government organizations meet data security and compliance requirements. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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