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Secured Files on Adobe Creative Cloud

Millions of designers rely on Adobe Creative Cloud to share and collaborate with others on their work. Without proper protection, many designers risk their work being leaked to the public. This would allow anyone to view and claim the designs as their own. Designers use Adobe Creative Cloud for many different purposes. Some may use their designs as renderings for upcoming products such as a new phone, drone, toy, etc. While others may use this tool for their commercial campaigns and advertisements. With all of the possibilities on Adobe CC, extreme security measures should be taken to assure designers that all their data is safe and secure. 

Adobe CC users historically have had limited options to protect their data. Symantec Endpoint Protection is one option, however, it does not protect files from the Creative Cloud application suite such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro, and After Effects. Symantec, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), and Rights Management solutions are reduced to simple file encryption solutions when the applications and file formats are not supported by the data protection solutions. Even though file encryption protects the data while in-transit, once the recipient receives the data it becomes vulnerable. Recipients can forward the unprotected file to anyone they want without the original designer’s consent. Without the proper protection, sharing creations to certain individuals can risk sharing it with almost anyone. 

With SecureCircle, all file types, file sizes, and applications are supported. Data remains protected at all times; at rest, in-transit, during migration, at the new storage location, and in-use. SecureCircle ensures that only authorized users are able to view the protected data. The original designer has the ability to update the permissions on shared data or to revoke them at any time. 

With SecureCircle, users will be able to protect their data while maintaining existing workflows and applications. Users of the Creative Cloud, would not have to rename any files or change extensions in order to protect their data. With SecureCircle, designers are able to protect themselves and their work on the Adobe Creative Cloud.

Secured Files on Adobe Creative Cloud