Securing Source Code Working From Home

The Customer

One of the largest Original Design Manufacturer (“ODM”) companies in the world with design and manufacturing sites worldwide.

The Challenge

In response to the changing work environment, ODM needs to enable hundreds of hardware and software engineers to work from home while continuing to protect valuable intellectual property such as electrical and mechanical design files and software source code. 

The Solution

ODM is an existing SecureCircle customer that deployed SecureCircle to protect and segregate their client data. ODM supports many of the largest electronics brands in the world. ODM clients want to ensure that confidential information is never leaked to their competitor that is also a client of ODM. When the coronavirus outbreak starting impacting employees’ ability to physically go to work and be productive, ODM enabled employees to work from home.

The ODM had two key concerns for enabling employees to work from home. (1) Security. Client data as well as internal intellectual property must be protected. Losing sensitive client data would negatively impact their relationship with current and future clients. (2) Productivity. Employees must be able to perform their tasks with similar efficiency working from home compared to working in the office. SecureCircle believes security needs to be transparent to users and workflows. Security solutions that require user action or a change in workflow will not be effective.  

SecureCircle supports all applications, file types, and file sizes enabling employees to use all the existing design applications. Furthermore, file names and extensions are never changed. Employees can use any mechanical computer aided design (CAD) application and file size is only limited to what the operating system will support. SecureCircle doesn’t block employees from transferring large multiple gigabyte files via file sync and share applications like Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Since files are always protected at rest, in transit, and in use, files transferred or stored in cloud locations will still be protected.

Employees develop design files and source code on many types of devices. SecureCircle supports development on Windows, Mac, and Linux. As employees work with design and source code, SecureCircle automatically protects data. Save-As and copy-paste actions will automatically protect the derivative works. Even if employees copy protected data into an unprotected file, the unprotected file will automatically be protected with the same permissions as the original protected data.

New designs are also protected automatically via MagicFolder™ and MagicProcess™ features. MagicFolder automatically protects any file placed into the folder. The folder can exist on the employee’s computer or on a central file share. MagicProcess automatically protects any file output such as all output from git.exe

All of the SecureCircle security features work regardless of location of the employee.


  • Works with existing design tools such as CAD and integrated development environment (IDE) for source code
  • Automated protection. MagicDerivative™, MagicFolder, and MagicProcess enable the automated protection of newly created and derivative works
  • Transparent data protection which doesn’t impact end users or business workflows
  • Automatically tracks protected data and protects derivative works
  • Data is always protected. Files are never decrypted
  • Revoke and change permissions in real-time. Freelancers can be quickly on-boarded or removed from a project
  • Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android

The Outcome

SecureCircle enables ODM to protect intellectual property such as electrical and mechanical designs and source code regardless if the employee is working from home or working in the office. Employees use the same applications and workflows as working in the office while the ODM ensures confidential data remains safe.

Securing Source Code & Intellectual Property While Working From Home