Security doesn't change while working from home

Many recent articles focus on how organizations need to adapt to meet the changing environment such as working from home.  If you are changing your security processes and tools based on environmental changes, your security is flawed.

When correctly designed, a product or process solves problems that haven't been identified yet.  Data security is in an evolutionary stage right now.

We have seen companies such as Apple and Charter have problems adapting to a work from home environment.  Many companies are rushing to implement additional security measures to protect data.  A common request from prospects is how to protect data downloaded from file servers or SharePoint.  

Legacy solutions were based on the idea of a safe internal network.  Over time the line between internal and external networks has merged.  In today's work from home environment, internal and external are the same.  How can organizations ensure protection to files downloaded from a central location to a computer at the employees' home?

There are standard tools like VPN and centralized access control, which most companies deploy.  When a remote user downloads a file and tries to upload it to their personal cloud account, the corporate firewall may not always prevent that.  This situation is no different from malicious users on the internal network trying to send sensitive information to their private accounts.

If security is architected correctly, it works for all use cases.  SecureCircle solves this type of insider threat problem with a data-centric approach.  SecureCircle doesn't monitor egress points like legacy data loss prevention.  Instead, SecureCircle protects data by default when created.  Protection follows the content even if the material is copied and pasted into another file.  If the same malicious employee uploads files to their private cloud storage account, the data is still protected and can't be accessed from the employee's personal devices.  

By solving the breadth vs. depth security issue, SecureCircle protects a wide range of use cases, including working from home and whatever the next news headline will be.