Security, Visibility, and Control

More than Protection

The initial sales pitch for SecureCircle is protection.  Secure your data regardless of location including on-premise file servers, edge devices like phones and laptops, as well as public and private cloud storage.  That story resonates with Chief Security Officers and Chief Information Security Officers extremely well and is the driving force for our customers to deploy SecureCircle.  SecureCircle offers a solution which CISOs have been looking for years.  Access control that follows the content as it moves, with no impact to on users, no limitation on file types or file sizes, and works with all devices (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android).

Over the past year, we’ve heard feedback from our customers and the some of the most positive comments come from compliance officers and auditors.

As a byproduct of data protection that works everywhere, SecureCircle is able to track files at all times.  Other products can analyze all access control list (ACL) mismatches on any file server folder.  Helpful, but what happens once an authorized user transfers a file from the file server to their laptop?  What about unauthorized users trying to open the file on a local laptop?  What if IT had visibility to all file access even outside the corporate file server?

Information moves quickly through organizations.  Information also moves quickly from device to device.  Once a file is downloaded (authorized user), files are synced to corporate and personal file sync and share solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive.  Immediately a single file is now on multiple devices and potentially multiple cloud services.

Regardless of the number of devices, users, or cloud services, SecureCircle scales to not only protect but also provide visibility to the living organism called DATA.

SecureCircle is able to provide reports and alerts for users, files, devices, locations, applications/process.  Compliance auditors can run a report showing every user that opened a specific file, for example.  Reporting options are limitless.  Measure the engagement of an organization by monitoring the rate at which users access the latest company update.  The rich logging can be sent to a SIEM such a Splunk or ELK Stack or to an orchestration tool such as Phantom.

SecureCircle ensures the security, visibility, and control of data.