The Broken 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, states for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.

Many simplify the principle into “Do the 20% that matters and forget the rest”.  While following that advice may be appropriate at times.  Image a football team marching down the field to score a touchdown.  Once they come to the 20-yard line, they stop and claim ‘good enough’ success.  The challenge in football is going the final 20% and scoring a touchdown.  The last 20 yards are the most difficult.  There is even a name for the additional challenge, the “Red Zone”.

Data security is similar to football.  Scoring a touchdown equates to protecting all your data.  Not just the easy pockets to protect, not only most of the data.  Data security tends to be similar to other universal statements: All-or-Nothing or Strongest as the Weakest Link.  Securing data is hard.

Three common data security challenges:

  1. How do organizations deal with employees leaving the company?  Former employees may have sensitive data stored on their cloud storage accounts or data on a USB device.
  2. How do organizations manage sensitive data shared with third parties?  Do third-party processes, systems, and tools protect the information you have shared?
  3. Can your organization withstand an employee accidentally emailing a file with sensitive data to the wrong person?

These examples typically have been solved with very manual and cumbersome solutions.  SecureCircle provides solutions for 100% of your unstructured data protection requirements including the previous cases.  SecureCircle achieves this without impacting user workflow.  The best data security solutions are transparent.  If users are asked to change their workflow, users typically try to find alternatives or workarounds.

SecureCircle Benefits:

  • Always Encrypted. Protected files are always encrypted from the moment they are created.  Even as users interact with the file content (read/write), the file itself remains in an encrypted state.  Files are encrypted at rest, in transit, and in use.
  • Always Retractable. Access control can change at any time regardless of the file location.
  • Always Tracked. Each time a file is accessed, the authorization process is logged with rich metadata.
  • Always Portable. SecureCircle technology is cross-platform, file-type agnostic, and completely bound to the file content it is protecting.

Data security should protect organizations from insider and external threats while also meeting the growing compliance requirements placed on companies dealing with personal information, financial, healthcare, and other regulated industries.