The New Federal Data Strategy

The United States government has recently announced that they will be pursuing a new Federal Data Strategy in order to take advantage of the massive amounts of available data. Leveraging this data will allow them to make more informed decisions and provide more value to the general public. However, in this era of uncertainty and general mistrust regarding the use of consumer and citizen data, it will be hard for them to gain support and make people accept its use. Consumers have seen far too many data breaches, including ones coming from the state and federal government. That is why they outlined several key steps within their plan that address privacy and security of the data in hand. For their new plan to be implemented, they created an entirely new set of best practices geared towards the appropriate management and use of data. This will ensure that agencies will be following a standard code for the handling of data and make it easier to see who is not taking security or ethical measures seriously. 

Some of the best practices include issues like data encryption, general transparency, and aligning the goals of the government with those of the public. Their data encryption standards include keeping it encrypted while in rest and in transit. This ensures that even if it is intercepted, the data will still be protected. This is important because data is transferred very freely between different organizations and entities. The FBI may need to send files to the local police, or vice versa. Every movement opens a window for hackers to steal the data and use it for their own personal gain. Keeping data transparent will allow the public to closely monitor the actions of the government. This increased scrutiny will keep agencies honest and continually ensure that their interests are aligned with those of the general public. The government will have to answer to many more stakeholders than they are used to which will either increase their efficiency or destroy it. It will become even more important for them to remain focused and not let little problems turn into bigger ones. This is why they created the standards. 

Creating standards is easy. Adhering to them over a long period of time is much harder. One of the most important standards will be for the protection of citizen’s data. Data is integral to the functions of many institutions and as a result it is often not treated with the respect that it should. Because it is used to much, people forget to encrypt a file or send it to the wrong person. This is purely due to statistics and bigger sample sizes. That is why organizations must use a data protection solution that leaves nothing up to chance. 

At SecureCircle we created a solution that allows you to do just that. All of your company’s data is protected from the moment it is created. This opt-out solution makes it harder for employees to make mistakes because they will have to decide to unencrypt a file, rather than the other way around. The opt-out strategy has proven effective in many fields and security is no different. When your data is shared, only users with the SecureCircle client installed on their device will be able to read the file. Anyone else will just receive an error message. With proper access controls in place, this makes it easy to mitigate the risks of data loss when a device is lost or stolen. SecureCircle also provides detailed logging for every event associated with your files. It will become clear which files are dead and which files are at risk, based on the amount of people that interact with them. These provide valuable insights into how your company’s workflow operates and will allow you to make better informed decisions. Visit us at to learn more about how we can protect your organization.