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The Zero Trust Approach to Data Security

Ordinarily, our data is going to continue to move around from place to place. Most of us need to have our data distributed in different locations, which can be risky. One of the top ways to protect our data and keep it secure at all times is having Zero Trust. Zero Trust is a newly implemented model that is now being used for more effective security. Many security experts believe that it is the best way to prevent data breaches.

Zero Trust simply implies that there is no trust in anyone. However, your data remains secure at all times. Zero Trust requires all users, even those inside the organization's enterprise network, to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validating security configuration and posture before being granted or keeping access to applications and data. Even though Zero Trust requires authentication, it does not impact an organization’s workflow. SecureCircle’s Zero Trust solution is transparent to users and workflows. Users continue to use the same applications without any knowledge an additional security layer is active. There is no change in file names or extensions, and SecureCircle has no limit to file size. Due to the transparent nature of security, SecureCircle can secure all data by default. 

With Zero Trust, security is persistent. Your data is remained secure at all times, whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use. Security is also applied to any application or file type. Zero Trust allows you to have limitless protection over your data, so it bypasses many other security solutions out there. Another benefit of Zero Trust is that it will enable you to have complete visibility and control over your data. Granular logging and reporting should allow orchestration tools to look for anomalies and suspicious behavior. Proper logging will allow orchestration tools to detect potential malware and suspicious user behavior while also creating audit and compliance reports.

The strategy around Zero Trust boils down to don’t trust anyone. Many organizations should implement Zero Trust if they have not already done so. SecureCircle’s Zero Trust solution will finally prevent data breaches. SecureCircle Zero Trust data security for endpoints doesn't impact users and workflows and protects data by default.

The Zero Trust Approach to Data Security