The Rise of a New Generation of Data Security

All Technology should eventually end up in the dumpster

Technology develops so rapidly.  Deloitte’s Tech Trends 2018 summarized “In many companies, IT’s traditional delivery models can no longer keep up with the rapid-fire pace of technology innovation and the disruptive change it fuels.”  If you are using the same cloud SaaS solution as you were using just two years ago, it’s likely you are missing out on higher performance, feature rich, more cost-effective, and more secure solutions.

Hackers and malicious actors both internal and external are taking full advantage of the latest technology while IT departments continue with outdated tools.

Horizontal scaling servers in the cloud were all the rage in past-> today serverless solutions completely remove the need for monitoring, managing, and scaling servers.

3D printing has revolutionized rapid prototyping and small lot customization.

Self-driving cars are almost a reality changing the way people commute and maybe the entire business model of owning a car.

Not too long ago, customers could get locked-in to solutions without any path to migrate to alternative solutions.  That is not the case today.   Vendors are leveraging more open technologies to build their solutions making development faster as well as increasing compatible.

The rapid evolution of technology has created new products and new product categories.  Terms SIEM (Security Information Event management), blockchains, CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker), Mobile First, and Cloud First are all recent creations.

SecureCircle is leading a new revolution of data security focusing on providing data protection that goes beyond what organizations can get from file encryption, IRM (Information Rights Management) and DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solutions.  SecureCircle aims to provide a transparent data protection solution that doesn’t impact users or change their workflow.  While at the same time, giving administrators the ability to change access rights at any time regardless of the location of data, to monitor and audit all data access for compliance,

A typical response to the SecureCircle solution is that doesn’t sound possible or it sounds too good to be true.  Pause and think about how rapidly technology changes.  When was the last significant disruption in data security?

With all the news headlines about data breaches and privacy, the world needs a new generation of security solutions.  SecureCircle’s patent-pending technology protects data at all times.  Files are always encrypted: at rest, in transit, and in use.  No other technology provides the same level of protection.

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