Tracking Data Leaks

A big news story this week is the trial of Uber vs. Waymo. Waymo, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, is claiming Uber stole proprietary information when former Waymo engineer Anthony Levandowski left the company and joined Uber.

A Google security engineer testified that forensic data shows Levandowski downloaded 9.74GB of data equalling 14,107 files onto a USB drive. The forensic investigation required three different tools: Armada, Bit9 (Cb Protection), and GRR.

Armada is a Google internal database which confirmed the network address used to download the files was from Levandowski’s computer. Bit9 (since rebranded to Cb Protection) was used to log when portable storage devices are attached and removed along with any transfer history. Finally, GRR (Google Rapid Response) sent logs back to Google on specific events like opening sensitive files.

Waymo Data Lawsuit

Data monitoring and reporting should not be this difficult. SecureCircle’s patent-pending Transparent File Encryption not only protects the file by only allowing access to allowed users/devices, but it also enables real-time monitoring and reporting.

SecureCircle outputs geo-location enabled logs with IP address, application, success/failure, time of access, and much more to any SIEM for real-time monitoring and compliance reporting. The SIEM and orchestration tools can automatically monitor for unusual or malicious behavior such as downloading almost 10GB of data is a short time.

Auditors or lawyers, in this case, could run reports and know every protected file a user accessed. A common audit may trace the access history of a specific file. Who accessed and when did they access a specific file.

SecureCircle ensures the security, visibility, and control of unstructured data from internal and external threats, regardless of format or storage location.