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Where's Your Data? Who Cares!

Discovering and classifying data to protect it is challenging. Many of us tend to wonder, “Where is our data?” However, what many of us do not realize is that it does not matter where our data is, but how it is being protected. By having a Zero Trust Data Security solution in place, such as SecureCircle, your data will persistently be protected no matter where your data is. 

Having all of your data protected can be very beneficial to an organization. Human error is one of the most unfortunate causes of data breaches. Protecting data at all times removes the human element.  It can be challenging for many organizations to continually ensure that the data does not egress to the wrong parties. One of the most significant flaws that many organizations have gone through relies on people to do the right thing. Many of us may take out data without even realizing its value or extending the proper protections. Secured data removes the need to know where the data is.  Data is always encrypted regardless of whether it is at rest, in transit, or in use. At no point do users need to or should be able to decide what data is important or sensitive because the data is simply protected by default.

What we mean by “Where’s your data? Who Cares!” is that, as humans, many of us just do not care. An organization’s employees may just want to get their job done and not worry about a data breach or their security decisions. With SecureCircle, the organization can transparently secure their data without any interference in their workflow. When data moves onto endpoints, SecureCircle transparently encrypts the data in a way that is invisible to both users and applications. This transparent approach means that user behavior does not need to change, and applications do not need to integrate in any way to take advantage of the control and security that SecureCircle delivers. This approach also takes a burden away from the employee and allows them to focus more on getting their job done rather than constantly worrying about protecting their data. 

Organizations are better off leaving the human element behind when it comes down to protecting their data. The majority of employees are not security professionals, and because of this, it can cause disruption if the correct security measures are not in place. SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker allows organizations to have frictionless protection over their data at all times. No matter where data is stored, it will always be secured.

Where's Your Data? Who Cares!