Why File Encryption is not enough

A recent conversation with a potential customer has led to this article. 

After the initial SecureCircle sales explanation, a customer explained that they use Vendor ABC file encryption solution and that is working well.  The customer was not aware File Encryption is only useful to protect data in transit.  Once the file is decrypted by the recipient, the data is no longer protected.  The recipient can send the data to anyone without your knowledge.

After a more detailed explanation about how data protected with SecureCircle, the customer will realize they will never lose control of their data.

File Encryption:
Data is only protected during transit and even the original sender (UserA) could accidentally or maliciously send to an authorized user.  User A also needs to decrypt the file to view and edit it.

Once data is ingested into a Circle, the data is protected at all times.  Users never have to decrypt the file into an unprotected state to edit and view the content.  All authorized users can access content and probably never even know SecureCircle was securing data in the background.  Only unauthorized users will see access error when they try to open files they do not have permission to access.

SecureCircle re-establishes the first line of defense for all data.  Data is free to travel to any user, device, or cloud.  Regardless of where the data is, the data is protected by the same access control and unauthorized users would have to break AES 256-bit encryption to access the content of the file.

SecureCircle ensures the security, visibility, and control of data.