Why Legacy DLP Does Not Work

In today's world, it is ubiquitous for employees to abandon ship to board another one. It is also common for these employees to take confidential data with them when leaving. Data loss can become very damaging for the company, especially when the employee leaves for a competitor. Three former employers of McAfee left at various points throughout the year for the companies rival, Tanium. McAfee, a computer security company, is now filing a lawsuit against its former employees for the conspiracy of stealing trade secrets. 

Once McAfee realized that three members from its sales staff were poached, they conducted a forensic examination of their computers. According to the lawsuit, McAfee discovered the former employees transferred confidential company information to unauthorized USB devices, private email addresses, and cloud-based drives. One of the employees had accessed a spreadsheet file containing detailed information about potential McAfee sales even after announcing their resignation. 

Ironically a leader in legacy DLP (data loss prevention) such as McAfee demonstrates why legacy DLP doesn't work.  McAfee was not able to recognize stolen data until months after the damage done. Along with this, they still were not able to determine what data and how much data left.

SecureCircle is the only data protection solution that adheres to the Zero Trust security model.  SecureCircle's DASB (Data Access Security Broker) mitigates insider threats and data breaches by proactively protecting your data, whether at-rest, in-transit, or in-use.   There is no reliance on discovery or classification tools.  Protect data by default with granular permissions for users, devices, applications, networks, and more.

As users create content, SecureCircle analyzes the new data's dDNA (digital DNA) and compares it to the dDNA of protected data. If similarities are detected, SecureCircle automatically protects the information with the same access control policies as similar protected data. 

SecureCircle protects data in complex SaaS workflows, such as source code protection.  Data is automatically protected when downloaded from a cloud repository such as GitHub, and data remains protected at all times while developers modify code. Protection is transparent to users, and users are free to use any IT authorized application.

With SecureCircle, companies are ensured data protection by default and visibility over every data access attempt.  With DASB deployed, companies can mitigate data breaches and insider threats such as employees taking confidential information to their next employer.

Why Legacy DLP Does Not Work