Why New Year Resolutions Fail

New year, new me.

The phrase represents a chance to start over. The only problem is that many people don’t take advantage of it. A quick search on Google Trends shows that searches for the phrase spike just before January 1st and then mostly disappear.

The phrase’s cyclical popularity is representative of the resolutions that people make and abandon a week later, leaving a trail of half-baked promises in its wake.

It’s not our fault that we’re bad at sticking with resolutions, it’s baked into our DNA. Once we find something that works, we tend to stick with it. This is a primal instinct designed to keep us close to shelter and food. However, problems start to arise when food in the area is running low. Naturally we would be worried about the dwindling sources of food, but what if we go somewhere else and there’s even less? But what if there’s  more? Uncertainty is usually less attractive than what’s familiar, so people will almost always wait until it is absolutely necessary to change.

The same holds true for an organization’s cybersecurity. If you haven’t been breached yet, why would you be breached tomorrow? This mentality makes sense but is flawed. Your organization deserves the best data protection that it can get. Costs are often relatively comparable across different solutions so making the switch should really come down to what the better product is. After that, it’s just being able to adjust to the new software and use it to its full potential. Don’t fall victim to complacency.

At SecureCircle, we worked tirelessly last year to ensure that our product would be able to help as many businesses as possible. No really, one of our engineers didn’t sleep for about three days once. Our solution provides the easiest way to protect your data. All files are encrypted and only devices with SecureCircle protection are able to read them. We even have protection for copy-paste and print screen bypasses. But wait there’s more! In addition, all data becomes visible wherever it resides. Detailed logs of all interactions and paths to files are created within our client for integration with Splunk or other SIEM’s. If someone interacts with a file in a way that it shouldn’t be, the admin will be notified immediately. Visibility is the first step to security, and with SecureCircle you can take both at the same time. Other solutions like Varonis only provide visibility without the actual security for your data. Make the right choice in 2019, and contact SecureCircle for a demo today.