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Zero Trust Data Security

Even with costly and complex data protection programs in place, data breaches and insider threats are still continually occurring. A reimagined approach to data security needs to be taken to mitigate these threats. Zero Trust is a security concept that requires the owner to have full control over every aspect of their data. To protect data from leaving the cloud, the owner must isolate and control all aspects such as other users, devices, and networks. The combination of controlling all aspects allows you to have control over your data and is the key to achieving Zero Trust. 

One of the main factors of Zero Trust is that the protection is persistent with the data no matter how or where it moves. At one point in time, data protection meant backing up data. Because of this, many of us did not discover and classify what we wanted to keep and chose to back up everything. Data security should protect everything because what you might not think is important today may still be important another day. If all of the data is secured, it doesn't matter where the data lives because it will never be vulnerable without access or keys to the data. 

With Zero Trust protection, when encrypting a file, only allowed applications and users of those applications are able to read the data without decrypting the file. Zero Trust ensures the data will always be protected because the owner will still have full control over everything. The Zero Trust protection automatically inserts a transparent layer between the read and write processes of applications and the application storage systems, whether running on endpoints or in the cloud. When an authorized user accesses, protected data, device, process, or application, the access control policy will allow the user, device, process, or application to read the encrypted bytes.

Zero Trust data security is the most fluid and valuable to an organization when it comes to protecting and being in control of your data. Being able to protect an organization’s source code with Zero Trust implies that your organization has won in a way. A whole barrier over the organization has been lifted because it enables the developer to do their job without releasing control over their data. By protecting source code data persistently and transparently, SecureCircle’s DASB is ideal for today’s zero-trust world. SecureCircle offers the most innovative method of protecting source code from insider threats and data breaches. DASB empowers organizations to enable secure access and full data control with no impact to applications, workflows, overhead, or end-user experience.

Zero Trust Data Security