Zero Trust Data Security - SecureCircle + EDR

Integrated Supply Chain Specialist (ISCS) solves business critical challenges from design to delivery including delivering end-to-end consulting and implementation solutions linking Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, and Logistics Management. ISCS partners with customers to break down information silos and optimize performance to accelerate innovation, fuel growth, and achieve operational excellence. ISCS is a platinum Oracle Partner Network member with headquarters in Washington and a global presence with offices in North America, Europes, Middle East, and Asia.

The Challenge

ISCS obtains confidential information from their customers as part of the normal operations. The data could include business plans, detailed cost information, and intellectual property such as source code. ISCS wants to deploy a Zero Trust data security solution to demonstrate to customers’ their data is safe by preventing insider threats and securing SharePoint sites which ISCS uses to collaborate with their customers.

The Solution

Unlike other security solutions which rely on users to be involved in the security process, SecureCircle has adopted a Zero Trust philosophy. Zero Trust data security is a practice of never trusting users with data. For zero trust to be effective, data must be secured by default and not by exception.

ISCS has a very cloud-centric application model which can cause issues with users downloading SaaS data on unauthorized devices. To prevent this, ISCS has adopted SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker (DASB). Now, all data downloaded from the cloud will automatically be secured by SecureCircle. SecureCircle is deployed as a SaaS service itself, so there are no operational tasks involved with maintaining SecureCircle. Employees are unaware of any additional layer of security since the workflow for downloading SaaS data such as Microsoft, ADP, and Oracle has not changed and employees continue to use the same applications.

SecureCircle monitors the ISCS SharePoint Server and SaaS applications such as ADP, Oracle, NetSuite, GitHub, and others to automatically secure data as it leaves the cloud and moves onto employee endpoints. SecureCircle is able to secure corporate devices and well as BYOD devices. There is no change to data in the cloud so all SaaS applications continue to work without modification or awareness SecureCircle is securing data as the data egresses.

All identity management is centralized with ISCS’ existing Azure Active Directory server. Deployment of SecureCircle is simple for ISCS. ISCS deploys SecureCircle endpoint agents via their Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution that is already in place to deploy and update applications on endpoints. CrowdStrike Falcon provides end point protection from Zero Day threats.

The Outcome

Since other data security services cannot meet the requirements of Zero Trust, by deploying SecureCircle the ISCS CISO said, “The combination of SecureCircle's transparent data loss prevention with CrowdStrike's advanced Endpoint Detection and Remediation solution provided us the capability to affordably implement a Zero Trust security architecture that completely captures and controls all user’s interactions with our information no matter where they are, what device they are using (corporate owned, BYOD or customer owned) or what system they are using. SecureCircle is the breakthrough information rights and data loss prevention technology we were looking for.

Not only did SecureCircle secure ISCS data, but also without increasing the operational overhead required to maintain the solution.

About SecureCircle

SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker (DASB) delivers a SaaS-based cybersecurity service that extends Zero Trust security to data on the endpoint. At SecureCircle, we believe frictionless data security drives business value for our customers. Instead of relying on complex reactive measures, we simply secure data persistently in transit, at rest, and even in use. End users operate without obstacles, while data is continuously secured against breaches and insider threats.

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Zero Trust Data Security