Zero Trust DLP

Zero Trust Data Security is a prevalent security architecture that is being adopted by many organizations today. A zero-trust solution requires the owner of the data to always be in control at all times. Before Zero Trust protection was even in the picture, DLP was the leading data security solution. There were many flaws within organizations using DLP, and because of that, data was still not fully secure. SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker changed this whole paradigm of having to classify whether the data is sensitive, medium, or public. With SecureCircle, this concept does not matter anymore because all of your data is protected no matter what. SecureCircle takes on a Zero Trust Data Security approach to ensure that data is secure at all times without any limitations. 

At SecureCircle, we believe that frictionless data security drives business value for customers. The top four reason why customers trust and choose SecureCircle are :

  1. We remove users from the security process.
  2. We are transparent and frictionless to users and applications.
  3. We reduce costs and complexities.
  4. We are a rapid and simple deployment.

SecureCircle secures the data right at the source so that it is secure throughout the whole journey. Throughout it, the data is encrypted regardless of whether it is a rest, in transit, or in use. Unlike DLP, at no point during this process, the user has to identify whether the data is important or sensitive. Even though classification is important, it should not interfere with how your data is being protected. With Zero Trust protection, everything is always protected no matter what. With Zero Trust being completely transparent, there is no interference with the user behaviors or applications. Visibility is key when protecting data, and it is something that DLP did not have. 

Another advantage of DASB is that our solution is very cost-effective. Many organizations believed that DLP was a very expensive solution that did not guarantee data security. DASB reduces many of the complexities that came with DLP. Setting up all of the policies of DLP could be a massive time and money investment. Unlike many traditional solutions, SecureCircle works on a simple cloud to agent delivery model, which means a fast and straightforward deployment.

SecureCircle’s Zero Trust Data Protection solution covers everything DLP was able to solve and more. Companies worldwide spent billions of dollars on DLP technology, hoping that it would answer their intellectual property protection. However, this is not the case because there were many flaws and evidence that it just did not work. DASB is the “new new” when it comes to data protection because it simply protects your data no matter what.

Zero Trust DLP