Secure your data egressed from cloud services with DASB.

Any SaaS service, data repository (cloud or on-prem)

Data Protection for Zero Trust

Mitigate data breaches and insider threats by auto protecting data on egress from SaaS apps

SecureCircle is Simple to Deploy
- No development needed
- No discovery and classification needed
- Days to protection

SecureCircle is Transparent
- No change to workflows
- No slow down in business

SecureCircle is Limitless
- Anywhere data is created, consumed, stored, and modified
- Anytime data is in-transit, at-rest, and in-use
- Any type of file, application, and device  

By clicking Submit, I agree to the use of my personal data according to the SecureCircle Privacy Notice. SecureCirlce will not sell, trade, lease, or rent your personal data to outside parties. I understand the personal data I provide may be transferred outside of my country of residence to fulfill my request.