SecureCircle’s patented Data Access Security Broker (DASB) eliminates data breaches and mitigates insider threats, with no impact on end-user experience, workflows and applications.

DASB automatically inserts a transparent layer between the read and write processes of applications and the application storage systems, whether running on endpoints, or in the cloud. Access to the storage systems through DASBare identical to how the storage systems currently access data. When data protected by DASB is accessed by an authorized user, device, process, or application, the access control policy will allow the user, device, process, or application to read the encrypted bytes.

DASB moves access control policies from the storage system of the data to the data itself – from device/file-centric to data-centric. DASB access control works with all file systems, local, remote, and cloud, without requiring any change to applications. Access is granted to applications without losing control, and this access control persists no matter where the data is moved or modified. Your data always remains protected: at rest, in transit, during migration (on-premise to cloud or from cloud-to-cloud), at the new storage location, and even in-use.

When an action is taken on the unprotected data, SecureCircle’s patented DASB MagicDerivative™ analyzes the DNA of the unprotected data looking for DNA similar to protected data. If similarities are detected, SecureCircle automatically protects the data with the same access control policies as the similar data. DASB protects derivatives newly created and those already residing on endpoints, shared drives, and cloud storage.

DASB Eliminates

  • Data Breaches

DASB Never

  • Compromises Control
  • Impacts End-Users
  • Changes Business Workflows or Applications

DASB Supports

  • Any Application
  • Any File Type
  • Any Device

Control that is never compromised while enabling access.

Protection that follows your data no matter where it is created, consumed, stored, or modified.

Audit of every action that happens to data; everything is an auditable event

Deploy Agent. Target Data Location. Eliminate Data Breaches, Mitigate Insider Threats.

What is your Data security challenge?

Data breaches occur to enterprises, in all industries, seemingly daily. Data is used and generated everywhere -- it powers embedded applications, smartphones, cars, web browsers, refrigerators, HVAC systems. The infrastructure of these platforms, which consist of client server systems and cloud services, is powered by your data flowing in and out of them. The increasing rate of data breaches points to data, replacing humans, as the most valuable asset within an enterprise.

The three common challenges experienced are:

  1. Insider Threat
    “Inside” is anywhere your data touches: on-premise file shares, public/private cloud, removable media, etc. “Threat” is anything malicious or unknowing breach of your data.
  2. Secure Collaboration
    Share data while maintaining existing workflows and applications, and gaining full visibility, tracking, and accountability. DASB’s SecureSend™ enables continuous protection without requiring the recipient to install any software. Permissions on shared data can be updated or revoked at any time.
  3. Tracking and Compliance
    Gain insights into your data’s access and usage when integrating DASB with your SIEM. Every attempted and completed action involving your data becomes an auditable event.

The first Data Access Security Broker, SecureCircle eliminates data breaches and mitigates insider threats. DASB empowers you to enable secure access and full data control with no impact to applications, workflows, overhead, or enduser experience.

Why Choose SecureCircle?

SecureCircle offers the most innovative method of protecting source code from insider threats and data breaches. DASB redefines increasingly ineffective traditional data loss protection models without sacrificing efficiency. Unlike traditional models, it only takes hours to implement our data access security broker. By protecting source code data persistently and transparently, DASB is ideal for today’s zero-trust world.

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