SecureCircle Plus CrowdStrike

SecureCircle automatically revokes access to secured data based on Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA).  Gain immediate protection against ransomware, accidental dissemination, lost or stolen devices and internal bad actors.

SecureCircle Zero Trust Data Security

How can organizations implement Zero Trust Data Security?

SecureCircle and CrowdStrike enable Zero Trust security that is able to continuously validate user, device, network, application, and device health prior to allowing access to secured data.

SecureCircle Zero Trust DLP Differentiation

How is SecureCircle different from other DLP solutions?

SecureCircle is the only Zero Trust DLP solution available. Zero Trust security extends to data on the endpoint. Data on the end user system is protected by default so there is no need to rely on complex measures to block exfiltration. SecureCircle leverages patented transparent encryption to keep data protected.

SecureCircle Zero Trust Data on Endpoints

How to protect data on endpoints?

For many enterprises, legacy data security approaches have limited their ability to deliver security without impacting productivity. Read more how SecureCircle delivers data security that raises protection against existing and potential future threats, without compromising user experience or operational burden on IT and security professionals.

SecureCircle Zero Trust Customers

Who has adopted SecureCircle?

SecureCircle has customers worldwide in finance, manufacturing, source code, healthcare, education, government, and media. See a list of highlighted customers.

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Zero Trust Data Security Case Study

"The combination of SecureCircle's transparent data loss prevention with CrowdStrike's advanced Endpoint Detection and Remediation solution provide us the capability to affordably implement a Zero Trust security architecture."

-- CISO, Integrated Supply Chain Specialist

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Learn more about how SecureCircle secures Source Code for customers.

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SecureCircle helps organizations meet over 40 controls and practices to obtain Level 3 certification.

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