Data Access Security Broker

Mitigate Insider Threats
and Data Breaches

SecureCircle delivers data-centric access control that prevents data loss at scale by proactively protecting data while at-rest, in-transit, and in-use, without modifying applications and zero impact on existing workflows.

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DASB Access Control

Grant data access to users, processes, and applications from cloud, local, and remote filesystems with complete transparency–without requiring changes to applications or workflows.

  • Enable access to data transparently for any endpoint
  • Protect any file type and size
  • Determine and easily administer access control policies
devicesDASB continuous protection

DASB Continuous Protection

Retain control over your data even after granting access to users, processes, and applications. DASB works transparently, enabling data to be protected in all states and locations.

  • Ensure data remains protected when in use, in transit, and at rest
  • Protect data wherever it is consumed, created, stored, and modified
  • Migrate data securely from on premise to the cloud and from cloud-to-cloud

DASB Derivative Works

DASB’s patented Derivative Works analyzes the structure of all data, comparing protected data to newly created pieces of data and extending the same access rights. Automatically protect new derivatives and clean up existing messes. Data is never sent to SecureCircle.

DASB Comes to Life

DASB protects data based on context and content. Easily deploy and administer access control policies while reducing operational overhead.

DASB Complete Visibility

DASB transforms every action into an auditable event. Use your existing dashboard; see syslog output of every action that happens to your data, integrated with your log aggregation or SIEM tools.

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DASB complete visibility

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