When your team works from anywhere, your data is everywhere.

Get transparent data protection at scale with DASB.

SecureCircle’s Data Access Security Broker (DASB) extends access control of your cloud services to your data as it egresses from these services. SecureCircle has reimagined data protection by allowing you to move access control policies from cloud and local storage systems to the data itself without slowing down your business.

Mitigate insider threats and data breaches by upgrading your data protection from being device centric or files centric to data centric.

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What is DASB?

DASB protects any data in a way that is completely transparent to the user, allowing for complete security, productivity and collaboration across hundreds of business-critical use cases not adequately covered by DLP.Grant data access to users, processes, and applications from cloud, local, and remote filesystems with complete transparency–without requiring changes to applications or workflows.

- Enable access to data transparently for any endpoint

- Protect any file type and size

- Determine and easily administer access control policies

Revolutionary Approach


- Process control groups
- Data view isolation
- Access controls through encryption

Application Agnostic

Binary Feature

- Digital DNA calculation
- In-line operation
- Compact feature storage

Training Not Needed


- Autonomous classification
- Real-time detection
- 256 bytes entropy sensitivity (digital DNA)

What does DASB do?

1. Protection

With DASB, you have persistent protection. Protection that follows your data no matter where it is created, consumed, stored, or modified.

2. Control

With DASB, you are always in control of your data. Control that is never compromised while enabling access.

3. Visibility

With DASB, you have full visibility of your data. Tracking of every action that happens to data; everything is an auditable event.

Featured Benefits


No matter how careful a company plans and targets its data protection policies, some data is sure to be missed, either now or in the future. This is where DASB’s MagicDerivative has your back. Whenever unprotected data is accessed, DASB’s patented similarity detection engine understands the DNA of the data(dDNA) and looks for a match to dDNA that is already protected. If there is a match, MagicDerivative applies protection to this data automatically, with the same access policies as the originally protected data.


Sharing of data with SecureSend enables business to keep existing workflows and applications while gaining full visibility, tracking and accountability. SecureSend does not require the recipient to install any software and enables continuous protection.

Let us prove it to you.

SecureCircle moves access control policies from the storage system of the data to the data itself. From device or file-centric to data-centric.

“Virtual, portable
encrypting file system"

Data Centric

Protection follows data through any transformations


Data is always protected, at rest, in transit and in-use


Works everywhere with no limitations on applications, users or performance


Automatic discover and classification, no user actions required

“I’m a another title and stuff
You know the usual"

Name, Title, Company

“I’m a another title and stuff
You know, the usual"

Name, Title, Company

“I’m a another title and stuff
You know the usual"

Name, Title, Company