SecureSend expands how organizations protect data shared outside the organization while ensuring visibility, security, and control.

SecureSend is ideal for organizations that need to protect data no matter where it is stored. Be it on-premise or in the cloud, solutions such as SharePoint, Dropbox or Google Drive work natively with SecureCircle without changing how users interact with the data. No agent installation is required for SecureSend recipients. SecureCircle is a transparent first line of defense protecting organizations from external threats, insider threats (accidental and malicious), lost or stolen devices, ransomware (releasing private data to the public), and shadow IT.

SecureSend Enables

Sharing of data with SecureSend enables business to keep existing workflows and applications while gaining full visibility, tracking and accountability. SecureSend does not require the recipient to install any software and enables continuous protection.

The authorized SecureSend recipient can perform any of the following actions, governed by policy:

  • Read and write access to the data
  • Read only access to the data
  • Download unprotected data

Authorized users within the organization can send data through a variety of methods such as an Outlook plugin, email attachment or through any other medium, for example, FTP, USB, CD-ROM, etc... SecureSend is also integrated natively with Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive and Office365.

  • Intended recipients receive an email with instructions to navigate to a browser-based portal to access the protected data. Read only access to the data.
  • Administrators manage the sharing policy settings such as time-to-live (TTL) and the number of accesses allowed by recipient. Permissions can be changed at any time.

First Line of Defense

  • Data should never leave the organization
  • External threats
  • Insider threat (accidental)
  • Insider threat (malicious)
  • Lost / stolen device
  • Ransomeware (releasing to public)
  • Shadow IT

Second Line of Defense

  • External sharing and collaboration
  • Collaboration
  • Agentless SecureSend